Research, User Experience, Visual Design 2015-2016



Existing Cirrus Insight App

Regrouping Side Panel Elements

Excising Email Features
We started looking at our important features on inbox such as Add to Salesforce and Email Tracking and try to figure out how we can come up with a better design that is scalable and can be applied to the new features.

Excising add to Salesforce Flow


Testing Add to Salesforce Flow
We tested Add to Salesforce with a group of our new users. I also sat down with our support team in video calls and observed how the new users respond to the app. Here are some of our findings:

Excising Mobile Add to Salesforce Flow
We decided to start our design from the mobile. As we knew it will be a greater challenge that desktop can follow.


Add to Salesforce and Email Compose Redesign

Compose Redesign


Cirrus Insight 5.0 Complete Redesign

In October 2016 we released Cirrus Insight 5.0. A completed redesigned and rebranded application on desktop and mobile.


Cirrus Insight 5.0 Desktop Redesign

With this redesign user can easily find all the controls available at Compose pane. Branding and side panel redesign was done by my colleague Keith Barney.

Cirrus Insight 5.0 Add to Salesforce