Gallery Scene SF

Mobile App

MFA Project

Visual Design, Branding



Gallery Scene is my MFA thesis project. The idea is based on my passion for art galleries and fine arts. I have developed the project through deep research and user testing during my time at AAU.

Gallery Scene SF is a mobile-web application promoting San Francisco art galleries specifically via their events. Main target audiences of the app are individuals in the business of art: gallery owners and personnel, art dealers, buyers, and educators.

Users learn about daily events of SF galleries with the ability to filter events by specific date or art media. They can access details and extra information on a specific event, see images of some artworks on display, and share the event with their social media circles through the app.

Add to favorite function allows users to seamlessly follow their favorite events, artists, or galleries instead of browsing through long lists of events. They can learn about history of their favorites and stay connected to the scene they are passionate about.

I created a functional prototype of my project using JQuery-mobile, HTML5, CSS and Javascript. The app is designed as a Web-app so it can run on any browser, operating system, or device.


Mood Board

Gallery Scene’s visual design is inspired by the interior design, forms, look, and feel of art galleries. I chose a minimal, clean, and sophisticated design for this application to fit my target audience’s modern taste. I also picked purple as the main color for its magical and intriguing nature.

Logo Design Process

Logo design of Gallery Scene is inspired by interior of art galleries and the way they mostly showcase artworks. Final logo indicates how this app opens up new windows and horizons to art scenes.